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  1. Hi I’m trying to get in contact with someone from accounts payable. Please contact me asap. Thank you.

  2. Hello Sir. It was definitely a pleasure meeting you today. I feel you would be exactly what I’m looking for. You asked if I had any questions today. But basically I like to sit back,listen then remember the conversation and think before I answer,So I’ve had time to think, and I think the only issue I might have is the no smoking. I could lie and try to decieve you and spray things to cover it up, but I’ve been trucking for over 20 yrs. And you have done it also. It’s a stressful job and I honestly can’t say there won’t be times when I will smoke in your truck. I keep the trucks I drive clean. Treat it like its my home. And I can’t pay you 75.00 Everytime I smoke in it. So please let me know if there’s anything we can do about it, If it’s a deal breaker with you I totally understand.

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